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Are there Autocad, GIS or other vector files available for the site areas?

Unfortunately no. The included aerial photograph should contain enough detail to generate your own vector files should that be necessary. Information regarding property can be found on the Lucas County GIS site:
Or certain GIS files can be downloaded here:
This information has also been added to the resource page

With the exception of Edison park, the site areas are quite flat and could be considered as such.  There is elevation data for Edison park included in the stormwater design pdf in the Asset Pack.  While the competition organizers understand the desire for these highly detailed files, as an ideas competition, it is felt that they are not inherently necessary for the communication of a strong idea proposal.

Who can participate in the NCDC?

As an ideas competition, the NCDC is open to all forms of participants.  Students, professionals, individuals and groups from all countries are encouraged to participate.

What are the social characteristics of Toledo?

The US Census department ( maintains records of many demographic topics. An overview table of some of these can now be found on the Resources page.

What are submission requirements and what types of drawings are expected?

The detailed submission requirements are available on the competition website here:
The types of drawings are at the complete discretion of the competition team, but should be of a type that most clearly and compellingly communicate the design ideas.

What is the difference between early registration and registration deadline?

A discount was provided for those participants that registered early for the competition.  This option is no longer available and the deadline for standard registration is March 31 2014.  This is the final day to pay and register for the competition.  Submissions will not be accepted from teams that have not registered and paid.

Are there any eye-level photographs available for the sites?

A small collection of such photographs is now available on the Resources page.  These photos are taken from International and Edison Parks.  The other three sites are currently inaccessible .

What are the uses of the riverfront today?

The Toledo riverfront is currently experiencing a period of slow re-investment.  Parks are being created or reconstructed and new residential and commercial projects are being planned.  Biking, fishing and other activities already happen there are are expected to continue.  The proposition of alternative uses is certainly encouraged, assuming that these uses benefit the public and support the redevelopment of the riverfront.

Can you provide information regarding the temperature and currents of the Maumee River?

These are monitored by NOAA and the information can be found here:

Could you provide clarification on the 1:5 slope of the material?

the 1:5 slope is a 20% slope or 11.3 degrees from horizontal.  This is the maximum slope or embankment the material can maintain without added structure.  Teams are strongly encouraged to experiment with structural systems that could provide slopes that exceed 20%.